Reading a book starts with excitement!

Why doesn't my child read when I buy a good book?
This is because the child is not interested.


Exciting science fiction novels from experts!

Developed by Oxford University Press in the UK, Project X Code stimulates reading motivation through exciting exploration and fantastic 3D graphics that allow kids to open their own books.


Reading through digital content and physical books

We will be friends with the book.

Make your children interesting and send them

to the world of exploration!

아이를 탐험의 세계로

보내 주세요!

Help your children feel interesting, read, follow and master English!

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Join the Project X Code team for an adventure into the sci-fi world.

Adventure into Micro World with X Team

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Project X Code takes you to a fun-filled sci-fi world designed to help kids explore the micro world.

3D graphics for children's imagination

Project X Code is a science fiction novel created with 3D graphics that make kids happy.
Various colors and colorful and dynamic pictures stimulate children's imagination.


What is Project X Code?

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  • Solutions for children who have lost interest in reading!

    Project Xcode is a science fiction fairy tale created with cutting-edge graphics that will appeal to children.

    Project X Code improves your English speaking skills through systematic pronunciation training as well as exciting stories, and develops understanding and imagination with brilliant graphics.


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  • Learning screen


    You can check the words and their pronunciations to learn before reading the story. Long press each pronunciation to hear the pronunciation connected in one.

  • Activity screen


    You can reuse the stories in the text to learn, refine, learn, and think about sentences.

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  • Title screen


    You can flip the bookshelf by sliding it left or right. When you tap a letter, the letter turns purple and you can hear it in the selected language.

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    • I read

      You can hear the sentences by pressing them one by one.

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    • Read

      Each time you enter each chapter, you read the voice in turn.

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    • Auto play

      Automatically read and hand over stories from beginning to end.

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  • Body screen


    Touch a letter to hear the voice in the language. Long press the letters to hear all the letters in the speech bubble at once.
    Too many speech bubbles can be seen invisible by dragging the letters up and down.

  • Menu bar

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    • Touch it to open and close the menu bar. You can also drag up and down to change the position.
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      Spoken language only

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      Change language only

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      Record my voice

    Tap the icon with the two flags overlaid to instantly switch to the previously selected language.


Check out Oxford's secret!

Check out Oxford's secret!

Check out the video of Oxford's unique trick for kids to open

their own books and learn from content!

Try it now!

Try it now!

Experience Micro World in Project X Code to take

your children to the fun and exciting world!

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