What are your children doing now?

Even if you replace your child ’s phone with an informative and colorful book, Children will soon lose interest and be attracted again by mobile phones.

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Isn't this what your child looks like now?

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For children who are addicted to games, animations, videos and other entertainment, How should we warn them not to be addicted to mobile phones?


What you see on your phone is important.

  • 휴대폰으로 동영상을 보는 아이


  • 휴대폰으로 게임을 하는 아이


  • 휴대폰으로 만화를 보는 아이


  • 휴대폰으로 공부를 하는 아이


Even if you play with your cell phone,

What you see depends on the future of your child.

With a child who develops the habit of studying and builds basic knowledge since childhood Children who watch cartoons, play games and surf the web. There will be a wide gap in the academic process.

What are they watching on their phone now?

Put the book in their phone and they will be different.

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Instead of forcing your child to sit at your desk,
If you put educational content in your phone

Kids can have fun studying on their own!

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If so, what content Should we show them?

Studies show that children are more capable of learning than adults,
Learning is faster, and at this critical moment in developing cognitive skills

If you can provide them with some better content,
they will surely let them learn more rich knowledge.

So we work with a world-class university, Oxford University Press,
Committed to let children learn alive English.

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Stimulate children's curiosity and imagination,
Maximize children's learning effects,

Guide children to innovative learning tools!

New tool to lead children to creative learning!

Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper logo

Over 80% in UK Used
by elementary schools
Basic English Textbooks

Project X Code logo

Created in 3D graphics
Science exploration
education software

Traditional Tales logo

Children's sensitivity
Cultivate imagination
World fairy tale

Story Book logo

Emotion and language
Developed at the same
time Multilingual Content

Math in Series logo

Learning language
With mathematics
Multilingual Immersion

Get started right now!  

The future of the child is different.

Multilingual immersion and reading

4 ~ 5세

Get attention through
content gaming events

5 ~ 7세

Interest in content,
interest in reading

7 ~ 10세

Read, listen and act
on content Thinking
develops more.

10 ~ 13세

Learn a foreign language
through your native language.

curriculum Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper
curriculum Traditional Tales
curriculum Project X Code
curriculum Math in Series
program 01

ㆍ Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper ㆍ

oxford university press_logo collaboration icon Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper logo

This English textbook is widely used by more than 130 international English schools and private schools. As more than 80% of the British primary school textbooks can lay the foundation for English.

Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper content image Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper content image Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper content image

"Learning Spoken Pronunciation with Native Pronunciation" independently recorded by Oxford University Press, The illustrations used are developed by Oxford University Press for children, Created with a sense of stability and innovative thinking.

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program 02

ㆍ Traditional Tales ㆍ

oxford university press_logo collaboration icon Traditional Tales logo

Oxford Fairy Tales is the recommended text for the Cambridge International Primary Test.
Adopted by Oxford University Press
The world's first content that lets you change multiple languages in real time.

Traditional Tales content image Traditional Tales content image Traditional Tales content image

The world's most beloved stories are developed for children
to read on their own and are widely welcomed by children around the world.

The children's imagination and creativity are evoked by reading traditional fairy tales
from time to time in several languages (English, Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese).

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program 03

ㆍ Project X Code ㆍ

oxford university press_logo collaboration icon Project X Code logo

A science fiction novel made of 3D graphics that children are interested in is an interesting scientific
exploration and education software for children who have lost interest in reading.

Project X Code content image Project X Code content image Project X Code content image

The Procject X code gives children endless reading pleasure through interesting stories.
Through systematic training, not only can you effectively improve your spoken English,
The pattern allows children to enjoy the Shuhai Kingdom.

Begin on a micro adventure with the X Team right now!

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program 04

ㆍ Math in Series ㆍ

Math in Series logo

Through mathematics can not only achieve efficient language learning,
Can also improve foreign language and math levels to exercise listening,
speaking, reading and writing

Math in Series content image Math in Series content image Math in Series content image Math in Series content image
Math in Series content image Math in Series content image Math in Series content image Math in Series content image

Learning a foreign language through mathematics is an ideal way
to learn the basics of a language by helping you to systematically
understand a foreign language and automatically repeating it.

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program 05

ㆍ Story Book ㆍ

Story Book logo

It is a multi-language content that enables children to develop
their emotions and languages simultaneously through Korean fairy tales,
Aesop's fables, life fairy tales, and sex education fairy tales.

Story Book content image Story Book content image Story Book content image

In addition to helping you understand Korean language and culture,
it helps students to learn Korean by systematically reviewing key words
and sentences through problem solving.

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