Reading will change your child's future!

The fact that reading is associated with learning,

Did you know?

스캐몬의 성장곡선 그래프
연령별 연평균 증가 어휘량 그래프

Up to 12 years of age when the cranial nerve is completed is the golden
time of reading, and if you develop your reading habits at this time,

your child's vocabulary and imagination will explode.

Help your child's brain develop in the

right direction with good reading habits!

right direction with good reading habits!

So how do you get interested in reading?

Let your child be friends with books.

  • Traditional Tales develops children's senses through a variety of play education, which allows them to become interested in books and naturally become friends with books.

    Traditional Tales is the recommended text for the Cambridge International Primary Test.

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When you become friends with a book,
you can learn from it, solve your questions,

and have fun learning.

you can learn from it,
solve your questions

and have fun learning

World's First Multi-Language Contents

Oxford Fairy Tale is the world's first content to make multi-language changes in real time.
Traditional Tales that can be read freely in English, Korean, Vietnamese, and Chinese.

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The world's most beloved stories are developed for children to read
on their own and are widely welcomed by children around the world.

Children's imagination and creativity are raised by

reading traditional fairy tales of various languages

Let your child reach all over the world!

In the future, studying abroad and overseas employment will be active worldwide, and children will have the opportunity to go abroad.

Traditional Tales is the recommended text for the Cambridge International Primary Test.

Adopted by Oxford University Press, it is a collection of the world's most beloved stories, developed for children to read on their own, and is widely welcomed by children around the world.

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Through Traditional Tales, children will be able to understand the values of the world and become a child ahead of the global era.


My child can be a leader in the global era!

The pictures children see
are also important.

All pictures are very well organized to make it easy for content.
Those pictures are drawn directly by Oxford University Press for kids.

All pictures give children a sense of psychological stability

and help them improve their creativity.

and help them improvetheir creativity.

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What is Traditional Tales?


  • Meet the world's most beloved fairy tales.

    These interesting stories have been told for generations and are now made available for children to read on their own.

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  • Study screen


    You can choose the books you want to see on the library screen. There are 36 traditional fairy tales tied in 4 books on different difficulty levels.

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    You can select a book to see a fairy tale, and two buttons at the bottom of the book to explore books of different difficulty.

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  • Title screen


    You can flip the bookshelf by sliding it left or right. When you tap a letter, the letter turns purple and you can hear it in the selected language.

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    • I read

      You can hear the sentences by pressing them one by one.

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    • Read

      Each time you enter each chapter, you read the voice in turn.

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    • Auto play

      Automatically read and hand over stories from beginning to end.

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  • Body screen


    Touch a letter to hear the voice in the language. Long press the letters to hear all the letters in the speech bubble at once. Too many speech bubbles can be seen invisible by dragging the letters up and down.

  • Menu bar

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    • Touch it to open and close the menu bar. You can also drag up and down to change the position.
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      Replace voice

      Replace voice

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      Replace text

      Replace text

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      Record my voice

      Record my voice

    Tap the icon with the two flags overlaid to instantly switch to the previously language.

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  • Summary screen


    Touch the picture to play the voice along the main event, follow the memory to complete the story line.

Check out Oxford's secret!

Check out Oxford's secret!

Check out the video on Oxford's secrets to understand the values

that people around the world relate to and speak with them!

Try it now!

Try it now!

Experience Traditional Tales, where children from all over the world can see

the stories they love in multiple languages!

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