Effective reading for children

An effective reading method for children is not just reading,
but also stimulating their senses of touch, hearing and sight.

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    • Hearing

      You can listen to storybooks with native speakers.

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    • Sight

      Consists of pictures that stimulate the imagination.

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    • Touch

      You can play various games by touching the screen.

Anytime, anywhere library,

Your child's time is filled with reading.

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If your children read a book a day

After ten years, the child will read 3600 books.

Open the way for reading so that your child can fall into a book.

Why Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper?

More than 130 countries use this English textbook,

As a textbook used in over 80% of UK primary schools,
You can build the basics of English.

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No need to go to international English school

You can get English primary school education right at your home!!

Isn't your child afraid to speak English?

The most difficult thing when studying English is pronunciation.
Does your child hesitate to speak English because he is not good at pronunciation?

With Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper

You can even learn English pronunciation with native speaker voices recorded by the Oxford University Press!

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Let your child speak confidently in English!

Let your child speak

confidently in English!

Experience Oxford's systematic curriculum!

Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper has 6 levels.
You can systematically build on the basics of English.
Build your children's confidence in reading and speaking English!


Can speak correct English pronunciation.


The fear of reading English disappears.

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Now you can study while playing!

Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper consists of puzzles, quizzes, mazes, and other games to help children play and study.


The pictures children see are also important.

All pictures are very well organized to make it easy for content.
Those pictures are drawn directly by Oxford University Press for kids.

All pictures give children a sense of psychological stability

and help them improve their creativity.

and help them improve

their creativity.


What is Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper?


  • Story books for each level eliminate the fear of reading textbooks in English. It is also a great guide to learning how to read and talk about your kids.

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  • Study screen


    Reading with Beef, Chip and Kipper has 8 storybooks for each level.

  • part10_img_02Previous level book list
    part10_img_03Next level book list
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  • Title screen


    You can flip through the bookshelves one by one by sliding the screen from right to left. Press the X button in the upper right corner to go directly to the first chapter or bookshelf.

  • Read setting screen

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    • See how parents can help their children
      read books effectively.
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    • Touch the letters directly to play
      the voice.
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    • Makes the voice play as soon as you
      turn the page.
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    • Automatically turns pages and plays
      voices from beginning to end.
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  • Body screen


    Touch a letter once to hear it spoken. Press and hold the letter for a long time to hear the whole sentence spoken. Touch the picture on the screen to hear funny sound effects.

  • Play screen


    You can play various fun games such as puzzles, quizzes and mazes.

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  • Recall


    In the last chapter, you will be given a task to find the pictures hidden in the text.
    Go back to the first chapter and find the hidden pictures to touch on.

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    When you find all the pictures, you get a clear sound Complete the assignment.

Check out Oxford's secret!

Check out Oxford's


Check out Oxford's unique recipes that stimulate

your child's senses of touch, hearing and vision.

Try it now!

Experience Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper, which consists of

a variety of games that make you have fun and study!

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